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Back to the gypsy that I was..

We say goodbye to our fleeting U.K summer and how lovely it was but we can always take with us that bohemian spirit! That ethos of living life as you want and having your own definition of style. For us it's being able to have time to be close to nature once in a while, be kind, see as much of the world as we can, trying to let go and better ourselves and dress like the ethereal gypsy queens that we are! We concentrated a lot this summer on flowy over the shoulder dresses, flared sleeves dresses, and putting...

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Embroidered 70s tops

The girls look fab in their flares but I also think these tops could be pulled off with a long flowing gypsy skirt with the top over it and a chunky belt pulled in at waist , some chunky boots, big hoops earrings and a waistcoat of some sort , oh and don’t forget the right hat!!

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