Our new Kimono / Dresses (Spring 2018)

Our new Kimono / Dresses (Spring 2018)


Spring is definately  here and we have just had some of the best weather this weekend!

There’s nothing nicer than wearing a cool floaty silky kimono in these hot summer days!




This year I added some ties to the side of the kimonos so they can be closed properly and not open while you walk 💜💜

So now they can also be worn as a pretty dress or you can leave it open with a dress or shorts underneath!

If u are wearing as a dress I recommend wearing a slip underneath and changing the belt to a vintage one 🌻


They are also pretty perfect as a beach cover up and when the sun gets too hot just simply throw one onto stop the burn.



As you can see in the photos they even look great with flares or jeans underneath and can also be worn as a housecoat too! 





Please visit us in the shop or online at www.allaboutaud.co.uk to see what selection we have in store! 




Each one is unique and you will rarely find 2 the same.

Go take a look at some of the beautiful kimonos we are stocking throughout the warmer months 🌸🧡🌸


Model - scarlet

Photos by feej 

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