Our Clothing for 'Bohemian In a Sacred Space'


A friend to All About Audrey and lovely photographer @griffinphotography created a beautiful photoshoot showcasing our new pieces and other super talented makers. 

As mentioned in our last blog, we brought to you our Florence dresses and tops this summer which are still available in five different colourways both in store and online. So don't miss out and take a peek! Shown here are our Silky Gemini tops and flared 2 pieces, also available now - as well as our ruffle maxi's and new Ophelia blouses. All again, in an array or different colours and prints.

Whats great about these new styles is most can be mixed and matched and can be worn lots of different ways, they're super versatile as they can be dressed up or down. We hope you love them all as much as we do! 



CONCEPT ARTIST + PHOTOGRAPHER  -  Griffin Photography @griffinphotography

MODELS  -  Emily Airton @emilyairton + Matilda Lacey @matildalacey0

MAKEUP ARTIST  -  Stacey Lousie @staceylouise_mua_ 

HAIR STYLIST  -  Elegant Hair


GOLD JEWELLERY-  Stuff Made From Things   

CLUTCH BAGS  -  Wading Bird Bags


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