Gypsy soul: 10 ways to identify if you are one


1. She does not follow the rules of others; she is free-spirited. She follows her own rules and obeys her intuition. Anyone or anything cannot hold her down.


 2.She listens to her emotions and people around her define her as an emotional person. She is wanderlust; she will only prosper on the things that she is really passionate about.



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4. She is highly unpredictable. Her emotions are a roller-coaster;  she can be happy and sociable while she feels detached and platonic from time to time. You can even say that a gypsy soul is a living paradox


5.You cannot make her contented with ordinary things. She is always looking for something exciting and new to her. A gypsy soul anticipates a new friend, new place to visit or new skill to acquire.


6. She wants someone to understand and appreciate her gypsy soul. She won’t fall in love easily; a person who gains her trust wins her heart.


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7. She won’t follow other’s paths; she likes to create her own. She follows her own path. Her soul is delighted by words, movements and rhythms.


8. A gypsy soul tries to live somewhere; she feels like she lived more past lives earlier. She is always longing for an adventurous life and a crazy desire to be anywhere else.

9. She never hides herself under a mask to pretend that things are okay with her. She knows that she is messy and she like the chaos of life.

10. She believes in miracles. She always considers that magic can happen. Fantasies and fairy tales are believed by her.



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