Do you have the boho look?


There are lots of different styles around at the moment, one of which is the boho look and that is what we are all about here at All About Aud!

Maybe you are a bit unsure as to what style you have? 

 Do not fret we are going to help you identify if the boho look  is what you are about too!


  1. Your favorite prints are tie dye, paisley, floral, suzani and ethnic.

  2. Your style icons will be Stevie Niks,  Talitha Getty, Ali Macgraw, Jane Birkin.

  3. Undeniably, you love everything about Florence Welch and your style icon of the noughties was Sienna Miller. (You also boldly cut bangs after seeing Alfie.)

  4. Kate Moss's wedding made you concurrently cry with joy and fuming with jealousy at the perfectly-blended ceremony of bohemia and glamour.

  5. While the rest of the world debated her blue vintage rehearsal dinner dress and matching Roger Vivier boots, you battered eBay for a look-a-like.

  6. You might have worn a turban-style wrap on your head once (or twice). And flowers in your hair for a special occasion are always a do.

  7. Holidaying  anywhere warm is an excuse to dress like Brigitte Bardot on the beach and Jane Birkin at night.

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8. Invading the Olsen's wardrobe, especially during their bag lady phase, has secretly been a dream of yours.

9. Colorful fake furs and Afghan coats and waistcoats are a must-have. 

10. You've mastered the art of bed head and you can't live without your fedora hat or any hat for that matter.

11. Kate Hudson's coat in Almost Famous is your outerwear style customary. (Penny Lane, is also high on your list of future children’s' names.)

12. Your home is filled with items inspired by far-off lands. Gypset Style is your interiors reference book, obviously.

13. A magpie,  you might also be—just take a look at your overflowing jewellery box. You love anything embroidered, beaded, pom-pommed or tassled.

14.Your kaftan  collection rivals that of Elizabeth Taylor's.

15. Sportswear, menswear-style suits and ladylike silhouettes are on trend right now but it all just feels too conventional for your free spirit.

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16.You have or have owned the following: printed maxi dress, anything from the 70's, gladiator sandals, a floppy hat, fringed cross-body bag, Tassled everything, a fake fur or afghan waistcoat, flared jeans, A coin-overstated belt, denim cut-offs, feather earrings, shell or Kuchi jewellery, turquoise rings and pendants and every style of boot conceivable.

17. Your mum thinks you dress like a "hippie". Your boyfriend thinks all your dresses "look like a sack". And your best friends dress exactly like you.

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