Bohemian gypsy fashion styling

Open-spirited, 70s inspired and romantic are all ways to define a bohemian gypsy.

But how precisely can you bring a little bohemian gypsy feel into your everyday wardrobe? There is nothing wrong with adding some daring style selections to your wardrobe.

In this article, we take a look at some of the ways to wear clothing through styling and accessorising.



Layering is essential, especially in the winter months.

It is not only about your clothes but accessories too. For example, keep wearing your long boho summer dresses by adding your leggings and long sleeve tops underneath a dress along with a scarf and hat, wear long flowing cardigans or jackets over an outfit too.



Bohemian styling is all about an oversized silhouette. Make sure to play with proportion. If you are wearing something baggy at the bottom then pair it with a fitted top and then you can see how relaxed and sexy you’ll look at the same time.



Hats have become universal with bohemian styling, some long flowing 70’s outfits just would not look the same without a hat!

The wider the brim the better!

Hats are also great if you are having a bad hair day.


A cool pair of big sunglasses, a statement necklace, embellished belts, fringed bags or a fedora is all you need to bring a little bohemian styling to your wardrobe. 



The flared look can be as delicate or as dramatic as you want it to be.  Ponchos look great with flares or a fitted shirt or gypsy top and waistcoat.



Show off your wild side in a fringed waistcoat paired with lots of tribal jewellery, or a fringed kimono or bag - such a perfect way to show off your bohemian style.



Sometimes, all you need is a simple flowing lace dress, layering this up could look magical!



Wear  a cool bohemian scarf, even better if it has tassles! Instead of wearing it just on your neck, wrap it around your head. It is a perfect way to add some glamour to your look and can even cover up a bad hair day.  




Bohemian styling is all about embracing colorful patterns. There is no need to be scared of mixing and complementing prints.

Paisley and ethnic prints from India are always a winner!