Bohemian dresses In the Bluebells - Spring 2017 🌸

Back in the spring time, myself and my best  mate Rebs went on a little trip to Stamner Park and had a walk around the bluebells and rapeseed fields, it’s my favourite place in Brighton in the springtime! I just love all the colours and they look ever so nice with the clothes!

I’ve known Rebecca for years we met while we were living in Ibiza together and became the best of buds but we didn’t see each other for a 7 year period and now we are reunited when she moved to the Brighton area and hopefully for good! 

I love this walk so much, I love being in a field of wildflowers and bluebells 🌸🌸


These gypsy dresses look great all year round!! 

In the summer I wear alone or with a kimono over the top and in winter I layer it up with polo necks, bodysuits, leggings, they are an all year round staple in my wardrobe !

The fabrics I choose for these are indian recycled cottons which are quite hard to get hold off as there is plenty of the silk variety.

When my supplier has enough saved up for me, I get them to make these beautiful dresses which look just like the old 70s style!! 

All brass jewels and sunglasses from All About Aud ✨



I lost my hat that day ! It was a favourite of mine - so if anyone ever finds it......




 My friend Rebs looks great in our bohemian dresses and kimonos she is such a boho babe and always gets to try out all my samples! This outfit she’s wearing is a jumpsuit and kimono, I’ve still got the kimonos in stock as they, again, are an all year round staple ! The jumpsuits will be coming back out next spring along with lots more goodies!! 

I think I need a bigger shop !! 

But... the good news is, i will start to sell more things online this year so you can shop until your heart is content 🧡🧡

 These long flowing maxis are a great summer dress with brass arm bands - these will be getting reintroduced in the spring time 💕💕


Gypsy tops and gypsy skirts✨

I love this look so so much - a chunky belt with a floaty skirt and an off the shoulder top 🌸🧡🌸🧡🌸🧡

These cotton block print dresses have nearly sold out!! 

I can’t wait to get some new block print dresses for springtime! So exciting, I just know you are gonna 🧡🧡



 Photos by feej 🌻🌻